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2024 PMEA Annual In-Service Conference
April 17-20, Bayfront Convention Center, Erie

PMEA Modern Band Showcase
PMEA is excited announce the inaugural PMEA Modern Band Showcase Performance Opportunity at the annual conference; Friday, April 19, 2024

Four school ”Modern Band Ensembles” will be selected to perform during the 2024 PMEA Annual In-Service Conference, Friday, April 19 at the Bayfront Convention Center, Erie, PA.

This opportunity is open to student ensembles from grades 4-12 with a director who is a current member of PMEA. Consideration will be given to collegiate-level ensembles based on the level of response from K-12 ensembles. Modern Band ensembles selected will have the opportunity to perform at the conference for a panel of clinicians as well as attendees at the conference.

All groups interested in participating in the PMEA Modern Band Showcase during the 2024 PMEA Annual Conference must complete the following application by the end of the day (11:59 p.m.) on Wednesday, December 13. *Please note that a Submittable account (no cost) is required in order to submit an application. (Information on creating an account can be found below these instructions.)

  • All applicants are asked to submit one or two unedited, live video submissions of the ensemble for a total time of no more than 10 minutes. The submission(s) should highlight the essence of the ensemble. Please do not include any identifying factors in the video or file name. (An excerpt of a piece (or fading out of a piece) is acceptable to fit the allotted time limit of 10 min. total.)
    • Unedited shall mean NO studio enhancements, edits or alterations of any type.
    • Live video submission shall mean a complete performance of a selected work (except as noted above), whether in a rehearsal room or concert venue, with or without an audience.
  • Each application for performance must be verified by an administrator (principal or superintendent) certifying it is the intent of the group to participate in the Modern Band Showcase, if invited.  

Directors of the selected groups:

  • must be current members of PMEA in good standing
  • must be the director of the group on the audition recording
  • who submit multiple ensembles for consideration may only have one ensemble participate in the Modern Band Showcase at the conference

Groups appearing in the Modern Band Showcase must be the same ensemble represented on the submission video.

  • . The director of the group on the application must remain the director if the ensemble is selected.
  • . All groups are reviewed on a strictly anonymous and impartial basis by panels of music educators who serve as adjudicators. No evaluations from the adjudicators will be provided for the auditioning groups.
  •  Invitations to participate in the 2024 PMEA Modern Band Showcase during the PMEA Conference in Erie a will be issued by January 31, 2024.
  • Number of student performers from each school ensemble is limited to 15 due to venue restrictions.
  • Each group will have the opportunity to perform between 20-25 minutes of music; approximately 3-5 songs, followed by a 30 minute clinic/feedback session with a guest clinician.

Each performing group will be given a total time block of a maximum of 60 minutes which will include:

  • Set up
  • Performance
  • Clinic/Feedback Session
  • Break Down

    Each performing group will be responsible to bring their own equipment and gear necessary for their performance.  PMEA may provide (if the equipment is available), basic setup of sound reinforcement gear; which could include: up to 6 microphones, PA speakers, monitors, mixer system

Each performing group will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging, if necessary.

Deadline to Submit – End of the Day (11:59 p.m.) Wednesday, December 13, 2023

What is “Modern Band”?

 Modern Band is a large umbrella term for both performance ensembles and pedagogical techniques that is inclusive of the following definitions:

  1. Utilizes popular/commercial music as its central canon, 
  2. Teaches students to perform the music they know and love, 
  3. Develops composition and improvisation skills, 
  4. Encourages study of popular music styles that include (but are not limited to) rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, electronic dance music, and other contemporary styles as they emerge,
  5. Supports performance by ensembles such as (but not limited to) rock band, bucket drumming, tech lab group, guitar, ukes, pop vocal/instrumental group, etc., and
  6. Can be at the elementary, middle, or high school level.

The foundation of modern band is “Music that kids know as well as music that kids create.” 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.