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This award is given to a superintendent who has demonstrated active and continuing support for an outstanding and well-balanced music program in his/her school district. It is give in recognition of that support and the importance PMEA places on the cooperation necessary between administration and faculty for successful education programs in the public schools of Pennsylvania.

A nominee should be: a skillful administrator as demonstrated by personal attitude and philosophy; support music as an integral part of the total school curriculum; have sensitivity to unique program requirements in terms of space, equipment, staffing, scheduling and financial support; leadership in providing opportunities for staff development, community and school board support and by the results shown in terms of program development and improvement under his/her administration. Nominators will need to show evidence of: financial support; a variety of music opportunities for students; music program expansion, growth and/or improvement during the superintendent's tenure; accomplishments of music program under the superintendent's leadership; superintendent's involvement and support for the music program; and a sense of legacy that endures in the program because of the nominee. *Nominee should have served in his/her current position as school superintendent for at least five years.*

The Past State Officers Council will serve as the selection committee. The selected nominee will be recognized during the 2024 PMEA Annual Conference (April 17-20 at Bayfront Conference Center, Erie).

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, December 6.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.