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Directors who wish to have their students (grades 10-12 only) considered for selection should:

  1. Complete the application form with payment ($15). The Director must be a current PMEA member.  All student applicants must upload a headshot photo - (ABOVE the SHOULDERS) labeled Lastname_Firstname. *Please note there is a new feature that allows the person who starts the application to add collaborators to it (i.e. if the Director starts the application they can add their student to add their audition videos). The person who starts the application, however, is the only one who has access to the payment information (so if the student is paying the application fee, they should start the application and add the director as a collaborator).
  2. The Audition selections must be submitted online via SUBMITTABLE at the PMEA Website listed above. The audition selections must be recorded from start to finish without cuts and/or splices. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS on how to submit EACH SELECTION are listed BELOW as well as on the SUBMITTABLE Application. ARMS, FINGERS and HEAD must be visible when submitting the application for recording. NO EAR BUDS or HEADPHONES are permitted to be used in the recording. To obtain the best audio quality, a good microphone as well as high-end computers or digital recording devices for the recording equipment are suggestd.
  3. No identifying clothing may be worn (i.e. no school t-shirts, no name identification, no PMEA, NAfME All Eastern or National shirts). Additionally, please do NOT include any identifying information in the video file name or in the contents of the recording  (i.e. your name or school name).
  4. The "Window of Opportunity" to record begins Monday, November 1, 2021 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. A confirmation email will be sent to the address on the Submittable account used to submit the application. Please check your SPAM filters for any communications and also check with your IT Administrator if a school email address is used and no email is received.
  5. The director is asked to view the file and verify the recorded audition is consistent with the student’s level of performance.
  6. Although PMEA checks to ensure the videos play in the correct format and the file can be opened- PMEA is NOT responsible for the content repertoire of the video. Please follow the repertoire and file labeling instructions.
  7. Students may audition on multiple instruments or voice parts, however a separate payment and Submittable application is required for each submission. All requirements for EACH instrument or voice part must be met and sent on a separate upload video.
  8. Results of the 2022 PMEA All-State Jazz and Vocal Jazz Ensembles will be posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 via the PMEA Website- www.pmea.net.
  9. (Instrumental Jazz Only)-The second ranked piano, drummer and bass applicants will be selected as the rhythm section for the 2022 All-State Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

***If selected for the 2022 PMEA Jazz Ensemble, the student will no longer be eligible for any of the other All-State ensembles.***
Audition Info:

  1. SCALES -  Bb major scale from low Bb to high F (Ascending and Descending) in eighth notes at minimum quarter note tempo of 200. Play the same exercise on a B major scale (Ascending and Descending)
  2. REQUIRED PIECE- Play “Scrapple from the Apple”, found on page 16 of the Charlie Parker Omnibook (Eb Edition, pub. Hal Leonard). Do NOT play it with the accompaniment CD.

* Each applicant must submit at least one of the following sections, but is encouraged to submit both sections.  A high performance level is foremost, but displaying a broader scope of one’s abilities will give the judges a better representation of the total player.  Scoring for this category will be an average of the section(s) submitted.

  • IMPROVISATION - Improvise over “Softly”, found on pages 20-21 in the book Effective Etudes for Jazz by Mike Carubia and Jeff Jarvis (pub. Kendor), playing along with track 29 from the accompaniment CD.
  • SECTION PLAYING – Play the entire etude “Sum of Your Attributes'', found on pages 26-27 in the book Effective Etudes for Jazz by Mike Carubia and Jeff Jarvis (pub. Kendor), playing along with track 32 from the accompaniment CD.

1. Record EACH TITLE separately.    
2. LABEL THE FILE with the SELECTION TITLE from the list and upload in the corresponding section of the application.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.