Were you a first year teacher in the fall of 1997 or prior to that time? PMEA recognizes music teachers, elementary through college/university, who have taught 25 years (or more) with at least 15 years of teaching in Pennsylvania. (Person must currently be a PMEA member, however does not need to have been a PMEA member for 25 years.) Please complete the below form by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Anyone who has taught more than 25 years and was not previously honored is also invited to complete and return this form. Recipients will be recognized at the 2022 PMEA Annual In-service Conference during the featured concert on Thursday evening, April 7. *You must be present to accept this recognition.

PMEA All-State “At Large” Orchestral Instruments 2022

Instructions for PICCOLO:
Submission Deadline – by Noon, Thursday, January 20

The 1st chair player (Piccolo or Flute-if there is no dedicated Piccolo Player)} from each District’s ORCHESTRA who has qualified to audition for Region Orchestra and will be advancing is eligible to submit an audition using the Submittable Program for the 2022 PMEA All-State Festival and will be assigned to the Orchestra.  

*Please note that if the student has been selected for the Region Orchestra Festival, they must attend in order to apply as an At Large instrument for All-State.

The required music excerpts for the At Large Instruments are available through the PMEA Website: www.pmea.net. Select Conferences and Events, and then PMEA All-State Information. The instructions and excerpts will be linked from this page. (To access the excerpts, you will need to be logged in to the website. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so). The Director must be current in their PMEA membership. Problems logging in??- Contact Kayla Stiely- kstiely@pmea.net.

1. Complete the application form online at www.pmea.submittable.com. The Director must be a current PMEA member. There is a $15 application fee for this submission. The 1st chair player (Piccolo or Flute-if there is no dedicated Piccolo Player) from each District’s ORCHESTRA who has qualified for Region Orchestra and will participate is eligible to apply.

2. No identifying clothing may be worn (i.e. no school t-shirts, no name identification, no PMEA, NAfME All Eastern or National shirts). Additionally, please do not include any identifying information in the video file name or in the content of the recording (i.e. your name or school name). 

3. The audition excerpts must be recorded from start to finish without cuts and/or splices. Students’ hands/body/face must be visible in the video. ** There can be no use of any device that can be perceived to give aid to a student (i.e. no earphones, metronomes, tuners, airpods, etc.) To obtain the best audio quality, a good microphone as well as high-end computers or digital recording devices for the recording equipment are suggested.

4. NOON, THURSDAY, January 20 (Piccolo)